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 Orienteering in South Australian is managed by Orienteering SA. Orienteering is a sport in which participants navigate to complete a course using a map & compass.   READ or  SUBSCRIBE to ENEWS.

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Next Training event on Wed 10th Sept in Mt Crawford Forest (Vixen Gully)

Entries now open on Eventor for the SA Middle Distance Championships at Twigham SA Long Distance Championships at Merridee on 13th - 14th Sept. Entries close on Fri 5th Sept. Limited enter on the day courses available.

SA Schools Team is having a Fund Raiser with a screening of "Desert Runners" on Wed Sep 24th - details are here.  Buy your tickets and support the team on their trip to WA!!! MovieNightPoster

Introduction to Orienteering for Juniors (Very Easy & Easy Courses) at Wadmore Park on Wed 8th Oct. Registration by Sun 5th Oct essential.

Two Day Introduction to Orienteering for Juniors (Moderate Courses) in NE Parklands on 11th Oct and Para Wirra on 12th Oct. Registration essential by Wed 8th Oct




SA Club Relays at Moon Rocks

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Blue skies, green grass, calm conditions, lots of rocks (especially in the longer courses) and the usual high standard of organization by the Southern Arrows – this was the SA Club Relays contested by the 5 metropolitan clubs today.

The organizing team was

Course Planner – Lachlan Hallett (done remotely from Darwin, with others running the courses on the ground to check)
Controller – Simon Uppill
Organizer– Tyson Hillyard
Organizing Team – the Southern Arrows
Catering – SA Schools Team Parents and Supporters

The shorter courses negotiated the open hills south of the creek, whilst longer courses had a loop in the very rocky south facing hillside on the north of the creek.  All teams were two person, with team members running 2 legs except the Group J – “12 – Mixed”.

Results showed a spread of placings amongst the clubs, and Wallaringa seemed the likely club winner, until a mis-punch by the Kennedy team on Course 1, saw them just relegated to second place behind Onkaparinga Hills.  Points were:

1.OHOC 16.66
2.WA 15.19
3.YA 14.96

4.TJ 14.13

5.TT 9.17

Full results are  here.

For more photos – see the Facebook page.

Gathering in the Arena

The Mass Start



The Last Control

Presentation - Organizer - Tyson and Controller - Simon

Winning Club - Onkaparinga Hills

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