Mobile DIY Orienteering - New MapRunf courses on the Belair Golf Course

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Two new MapRunF courses are available on the Belair Golf Course – a short course on the new Birdie Loop and a longer cross country course.  These are for MTBO as well as Foot Orienteers.


And a FREE COFFEE  sponsored by Orienteering SA from “EscapeGoat” ( located just off the Golf Course car park – see the sign) for the first 25 riders, joggers or walkers to complete the 'Birdie 2' course of 4.5km cross country, 16 controls.

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Mobile DIY Orienteering is a smartphone application using MapRunF. It is available for free download for both Android and iPhones

MapRunF allows the orienteer to load a map and course to navigate around a course. The GPS device in the smatphone will 'beep' to verify which control sites have been visited, and in what order. At the end of the course MapRunF will display results including splits, total time, and a GPS route over the course map. 

For other courses including the shorter “Birdie Loop” – an updated trail on the Belair Golf Course – see the instructions below load this course into MapRunF.  To do Birdie2 – choose Birdie 2 from the list of courses in the instructions.

For all other MapRunf courses and a video on using the app, see Mobile DIY page. Here PDF maps of the Birdie (under the Belair and Blackwood course set) and other courses can be downloaded.


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