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Port Lincoln - Three Fantastic Days of Orienteering

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Three fantastic days of orienteering on three completely different terrain types were provided by Lincoln Orienteers in the Port Lincoln area over the June Long weekend.  A warm up event at Louth Bay covered varies terrain of the foreshore, township and dune areas on the golf courses.

Dave Winters

The SA Long Championships at Broccoli Hill provided orienteering on a unique technical terrain with challenging courses planned by Dave Winters (in photo above perhaps warning John Soden about what to expect at Broccoli Hill), with controller Robert Smith.  Scrubby vegetation in the lower lying areas has become more extensive than when the area was first mapped, meaning maintaining map contact on the hard courses was essential (Course 1 is shown below).  Broccoli Hill is named for the numerous small copses of eucalypts that are dotted across the terrain - when the sun is low in the sky these copses look just like the broccoli display in your friendly neighbourhood supermarket or fruit and veg shop. This sight is particularly noticeable from the summit of a massive limestone outcrop in the south-east of the map that has been named Broccoli Hill.  Then to recover from your run, the Lincoln club provided some excellent catering.

BHill C1jpg

The third event was on a granite terrain map, Gurra Yarda, just north of Port Lincoln.  Open hillsides with small to large granite outcrop made for faster running (at least on the downhills), with the open running interspersed with some native plantation areas.

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  1. Louth Bay
  2. Broccoli Hill
  3. Gurra Yerda

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  1. Louth Bay
  2. Broccoli Hill
  3. Gurra Yarda


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