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Event Program

The Program of events is

SA Riverland – near Renmark

Sat Sep 29th – Australian Middle Distance ChampionshipsCrookedStraightKingfisher

Map: Crooked Straight
Location: 20 km NE of Renmark
Terrain: Scrubby ridge line with complex of steeply eroded gullies on all sides, some sandy areas, many knolls. 
Previous map: CrookedStraight.jpg by Irena Palmer 1996.  All of Irena's maps featured an Australian bird, on this map was the Sacred Kingfisher

Sun Sep 30th – Australian Relay Championships

Map: Wiela - Bunyip Ridge
Location: 25 km north east of Renmark
Terrain: Eroded basins with complex erosion, with some ridges, knolls and cliffs bordering the basins.  Fast open terrain with areas of semi-open and occasional green areas.
Previous map: New area not previously used for orientering

Mon Oct 1st – Australian Sprint Championships

Map: Renmark Schools
Location: Renmark
Terrain: School campus

Schools Championships and Public Events – Adelaide and Adelaide Hills

The schools championship events are sponsored by the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI). OLAND are providing headbands for all school team members.

SSI        OLAND

Details of the public events are  outlined in the entry information - to be run as a  Three Day event "Heaps Good Tri Adelaide", however all events can be entered individually

Tue Oct 2nd – Australian School Sprint Championships

Map: Keithcot Farm
Location: Wynn Vale, northeast suburb of Adelaide
Terrain: School Campus
Previous map: Keithcot Farm 2012 version - KeithcotFarmSprintMap2012NOL.pdf

Wed Oct 3rd  – Australian School Individual Championships

Map: Wirra Wirra
Location: 60 km east of Adelaide, near Williamstown, Mt Lofty Ranges
Terrain: Eastern part of the map is flattish pine forest with rock detail in the west steeper spur gully with mixture of pine and native forest. Track network.
Previous map: Wirra Wirra - updated in 2016 by Adrian Uppill and Stefano Raus - Wirra_Wirra_2016.pdf

Thu Oct 4th – Australian School Relay Championships

Map: Mount Crawford North
Location: 55 km east of Adelaide, near Williamstown, Mt Lofty Ranges
Terrain: Mixture of pine forest (open to thicker younger pines, open native forest to thicker areas on rocky ridge line. Track network.
Previous Map: Mt Crawford North - mapped by Adrian Uppill with updates in 2016 - Mt_Crawford_North.pdf

Final Events - Adelaide Hills

Sat Oct 6th – Australian Long Distance Championships

Map: Gumeracha Gold Fields
Location: 50 km north east of Adelaide, north of Birdwood
Terrain: Spur gully terrain, native forest with gold mining areas in the south, pine forest - fast to slow run, semi-open to bushy areas with rocky detail in the north. Track network.
Previous map: Gumeracha Gold Fields - mapped over 1996 - 2016, mappers Irena Palmer, Adrian Uppill, Paul Hoopman - Gumeracha_GoldfieldsW.pdf

Sun Oct 7th – SA Middle Distance ChampionshipsKGKestrel

Map: Keynes Gap
Location: 80 km east of Adelaide, near Eden Valley
Terrain: Open farmalnd with moderate to steep ridges with complex rocky detail, bushy on the ridges
Previous map: KeynesGap.jpg 1991 by Irena Palmer, the Australian Kestrel featured on this map


The following areas are embargoed as below (Updated Apr 2018):

  1.  Keynes Gap - current map area (see map above)
  2. Gumeracha Gold Fields - all areas of this map west of the road from Gumeracha to the intersection with the road from Birdwood and then the road to Williamstown, except the area used for permanent courses around Chalks (maps available here), the forest blocks including Rocky Paddock Camp Ground and the blocks to the north of this campground.  Note programmed 2017 Wednesday events at Watts Gully and Tower Hill are to go ahead but no other use is sanctioned from this time.
  3. Crooked Straight - previous map area (see map above)
  4. Wirra Wirra - all the current map area (see map above)
  5. Mount Crawford - Jenkins Scrub and all the map area to the north around Mount Crawford and the pine plantation west of the road.(see map above)
  6. Keithcot Farm Sprint map (see map above)

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