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Updated  10th Sept 2020

When using permanent courses remember that large groups are not recommended (1-2 is good) and that current social distancing rules must be applied.

IMG 31711 26th Jan 2020: Fox Creek permanent courses closed for the present due to the impact of the Cudlee Creek fires. This is likely to continue until April 2021. Check with Forestry SA Website




Thanks for registering your interest in using our permanent courses. Please report any damaged or missing control markers to the Orienteering SA Secretary.  Your feedback would also be valued.

Google Map for course locations

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Belair National Park - Park Office, Upper Sturt Rd, Belair, ph 8278 5477

Belair National Park Al l Control Codes  for teachers & group leaders

A) Belair Course Set One: Gums Oval

The start and finish is next to a BBQ shed on the Western side of Gums Oval. Entry is via the main gate off Upper Sturt Road.  Hard copy maps may be available from the National Park Office as you enter the Park.

Gums signageStart: Belair Gums

Gums Courses updated 1 January 2016






B)    Belair Course Set Two: Adventure Playground..updated Nov 2018

The start & finish is at the "Adventure Orienteering" sign near the kiosk at the Adventure Playground. Hard copy maps may be available from the National Park Office as you enter the Park.

Adventure signage

Start/Finish Belair

Blue Gum Park (Park 20) /Kurangga new courses are now available (13th July 2019)

StartFinishBlueGumsThe courses start and finish to the west of Tree Climb in the south parklands on the north side of Greenhill Rd. A temporary wooden post with a marker on top can be found there as shown in the photograph. Later this will be replaced by a proper sign.

  * Blue Gum Park.Easy 1  1.0km

  * Blue Gum Park.Moderate 1   1.7km

 Fox Creek: Thomas Hill

Newsflash 26th Jan 2020: Fox Creek permanent courses closed for the present due to the impact of the Cudlee Creek fires

The courses start and finish just inside the main gate off Croft Road marked to "Fox Creek MTB Park"

        Best for foot orienteering:

  • Thomas Hill Fox Creek Easy1 1.9km
  • Thomas Hill Fox Creek Moderate1 3.3km
  • Thomas Hill Fox Creek Moderate2 1.5km

 Best for Mountain Bike Orienteering

  • Thomas Hill Fox Creek MTBO Moderate1 3.1km
  • Thomas Hill Fox Creek MTBO Hard1 3.5km

Suitable for both foot and mountain bike orienteering

  • Thomas Hill Fox Creek Scatter or Score (25controls)

Thomas Hill Fox Creek Answer Codes ForTeachers & Group Leaders

 Hawthorndene Reserve map updated 5th July 2019

IMG 2150 
Start/Finish Hawthorndene Reserve

The start & finish is close to the southern entrance of the playground on Watahuna Ave just to the north of the roundabout. A temporary blue post is there at present which will soon be replaced by a prominant sign.


Hazelwood Park  Map & courses updated 17th Jan 2020

Sign marking start/finish

Enter the park via Howard Tce Burnside. The start and finish is as shown on the map just to the east of the Adventure Playground. Thanks to Burnside Council for installing the sign.



For Teachers & Group Leaders only: Permanent Marker Codes HazelwoodPark  updated 17th Jan 2020

 Kuitpo Forest Updated March 2020

Report to ForestrySA office (if they are open) before proceeding as some areas may be restricted due to forestry operations. 

 Start and Finish for Christmas Hill at the Jack's Paddock gate and noticeboard. More details on map.

Start & Finish for The Eucalypts Maps are found on Razorback Rd off the Meadows to Echunga Rd. See the map for more information.  

Start and finish for Kuitpo Headquarters Maps at Information Shed adjoining Forestry Headquarters on the Meadows to Willunga Rd (Route B34)

Start & Finish for Woodcutters Map is anywhere within the campsite off Brookman Rd. Use of this map is restricted to groups who have booked the Woodcutters Cottage or the Jack's Paddock area from Forestry SA

AllKuitpoForestDIYCoursesAnswerCodes.pdf For use by Teachers & Group Leaders Only


  A) Melrose Showgrounds . All easy to moderate courses in a safe well defined area. Ideal for school or other group use as well as individuals. Suitable for foot or mountain bike orienteering. Start and finish at the lighting tower on the eastern edge of the oval.

 20170428 133317 resizedShowgrounds Start with Mt Remarkable in sight

16th Aug 2020  Updates to Melrose Showgrounds map & courses..




  B) Melrose: Ups & Downs Start and finish at the public noticeboard opposite the Mt Remarkable Hotel. Largely on private land adjoining the town. Access has been kindly allowed by the landowner so please respect the property so that we continue to have access. Courses range from easy to hard and are suited to both mountain bike and foot orienteering. 16th Aug 2020  Updates to Melrose Showgrounds map & courses..

   Melrose answer codes for Teachers and Group Leaders Only

Mt Crawford Forest: Updated 19th Feb 2020 Start is at the Chalks Camping Ground indicated on the map by the purple triangle. Turn into Forties Rd from Warren Rd about 1km south of the Forestry SA Headquarters.

Chalks Answer Codes for Teachers and Group Leaders Only

North Adelaide - Updated 29th Jan 2020  

Start and finish is at Elder Park Rotunda. However there is no marker at this point.

Guide to Do It yourself orienteering at North Adelaide.pdf

North Adelaide Easy Short 2.1km

North Adelaide Moderate Medium 4.4km

North Adelaide Moderate Long 5.2km

North Adelaide Scatter 17 controls

For Teachers & Group Leaders Only All control Codes North Adelaide

Oaklands Wetland courses & map updated 7th April 2020

The Oaklands Wetland is on the southern side of Oaklands Rd opposite the Marion Outdoor Swimming Centre.

Control Codes for Teachers & Group Leaders Only.


Para Wirra Recreation Park  Start at prominant sign on western side of Helipad car park.   Map updated 10th Sept 2020. Description of marker 80 changed (termite mound pretty much gone!). Effects Scatter & Moderate courses.

 Start of Para Wirra Courses  

For Teachers & Group Leaders Only Para Wirra answer codes

Paringa Paddocks Renmark New location opened 27th Oct 2019. Courses start at either the Lions Park (LP) or the Visitor Information Centre (VIC). There are both FOOT orienteering and MTBO courses available.


For Teachers & Group Leaders Only. Answer Codes


Port Lincoln: Brinkworth Reserve:  More information about these courses can be obtained by visiting the Lincoln Orienteers Website: http://www.lincolnorienteers.com.au/

Shepherds Hill Recreation Park  IMG 31411All courses start and finish at the eastern end of the car park on Ayliffes Road. Just start at the information sign with the O markers on them. Courses Opened 30th Dec 2019


For Teachers & Team Leaders Only Control Codes Shepherds Hill Recreation Park

St Peters River Park (Torrens Linear Park) Start and finish at prominent sign on north east side of BBQ area and toilets accessible from car park on River Road.  Map updated Dec 2019.

Start for St Peters River Park

For Teachers & Team Leaders only Permanent control Codes St Peters River Park

Tangari (Woodcroft) New courses coming very soon..links under construction

Tangari signboard 6 20

For Teachers & Team Leaders only Permanent Control Codes Tangari

Thorndon Park (Athelstone) Maps are also available free (weekends only subject to availability) from the Rotary Club Kiosk. Start and finish at the sign near the kiosk. Map updated 18th May 2020

For Teachers & Group Leaders Only: Permanent control answers ThorndonPark



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