Mobile Orienteering

Orienteering Adventures with Android & IOS Smartphones 

MyOMaps is a smart phone application offering new options for orienteering.

MyOMaps allows the orienteer to load a map and course onto a smartphone and use it for navigating around a course without the need of a paper map. The App also avoids the need for control flags / punch units (or Sportident) to be placed in the field as the GPS device in the smartphone will verify which control sites have been visited, and in what order. The orienteer has the option of using a manual or automatic “punch” at each control site. At the end of a course MyOMaps will display results including splits, total time and a GPS route over the course map. Results can also be downloaded for comparison to other results for the same course.

Download App

The user app for IOS or Android is free. If you wish to set courses there is a charge for the organsiers version (this is only available for Android Phones at present).

Click Here To learn about MyOMaps and or download MyOmaps

South Australian courses

OSA has set up several course maps for use with MyOMaps:

Permanent orienteering courses

These course maps use the Permanent Course maps that are available for free download (DIY Orienteering), hence can be printed as a paper copy and taken on a course when using MyOMaps.

The courses will remain open indefinitely.

  • Belair National Park, Adventure Playground, Cse3 1.5km, Moderate navigation
  • Belair National Park, Gums Oval, Cse 1 , 3.1km, Hard navigation

Temporary orienteering courses

These course maps are from the Twilight Summer Series hence offer the opportunity to run a course if you missed the organised event. Other courses may be added from time to time ie training runs.

These courses will remain open for a limited period only.

  • Colonel Light Gardens, Moderate, 4.0km, street / park

Location of courses

View starting locations on Google Maps


Current results (Splitsbrowser)

Tips on using MyOMaps    

  • Turn the mobile's 'Auto-rotate screen' off
  • Turn the mobile's GPS device 'on' before starting MyOMaps. It can take a few minutes to get a 'fix'.
  • If a single 'tap' on the Punch Button fails to record, check your position and or 'tap' again.
  • One way of holding and using a mobile phone and thumb compass.

MyOMaps demonstration 30


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