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Orienteering Adventures with Android & IOS Smartphones

MapRunF s is a smart phone application offering new options for orienteering. It is available for downlod for both Android and iPhones

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MapRunF allows the orienteer to load a map and course onto a smartphone and use it for navigating around a course without the need of a paper map. The App also avoids the need for control flags / punch units (or Sportident) to be placed in the field as the GPS device in the smartphone will verify which control sites have been visited, and in what order.  At the end of a course MapRunF will display results including splits, total time and a GPS route over the course map. Results can also be uploaded for comparison to other results for the same course.

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Download the App

The user app for IOS or Android is free.

Click Here To learn more about MapRunF and/or download MapRunF

All courses can be completed in your own time and at your own risk.  All are in suburban areas so please respect other users, obey traffic rules and take care where road crossing are required.

South Australian courses - No Time Frame - Do Any Time

OSA has set up several  course maps for use with MapRunF.  However all have PDF copies so you can downlaod these and use with MapRunF or just by themselves.

The courses below are being added to as we plan and test them.

To access these courses, open MapRunF

  • Choose select event
  • Scroll though the list to South Australia
  • This document has screen shots to help you navigate to the folder to download a course and start your run.

Set 1 - In Folder "Orienteering SA Adelaide Parklands"

  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens C1 - 2.7 km - PDF Map - please respect other users in the gardens
  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens C2 - 3.7 km - PDF Map - extends into the adjacent parklands
  • East Parklands C1 - 2.8 km - PDF Map - caution - road crossings
  • South Parklands C1 - 3.1 km - PDF Map - caution - road crossings
  • South Parklands C2 - 4.2 km - PDF Map - caution - road crossings
  • West Parklands and Cemetery C1 - 3.8 km - PDF Map
  • West Parklands C2 - 2.8 km - PDF Map

Set 2 - In Folder "Orienteering SA Belair and Blackwood"

  • Belair Golf Course 1 - 3.8 km - cross country course - moderate navigation - PDF Map
  • Belair National Park C1 - 5.1 km - cross country course - moderate navigation - PDF Map
  • Wittunga Botanic Gardens C5 - 1.9 km  - please respect other park users - PDF Map

Set 3 - In Folder "Orienteering SA Other Adelaide Courses"

The Shepherds Hill courses use a mixture of control sites from the permanent courses and virtual controls - so at some sites you will see a permanent control marker.

  • Shepherds Hill C1 - 2.4 km - cross country course - moderate navigation - PDF Map
  • Shepherds Hill C2 - 1.8 km - cross country course - moderate navigation - PDF Map

Set 4 - In Folder "Orienteering SA Regional Courses"

  • Winkler Park 60 Min Score Course - 21 Controls - PDF Map

A blank map of Winkler Park with some of the map features highlighted is also available for download -  Winkler_Park_Trails_Map.pdf

Tips on using MapRunF  

  • Turn the mobile's 'Auto-rotate screen' off
  • Turn the mobile's GPS device 'on' before starting MapRunF. It can take a few minutes to get a 'fix'.




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