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updated 14th Dec 2018

This section contain material useful for organisers and course planners of orienteering events. This and other useful guidelines can be found in the Guidelines and Policies Section.

1 OSA Course Specifications updated Dec 2017

2 Course Planning Guidelinesupdated Jan 2018

3 Event Organisation Guidelines updated Jan 2018

4 IOF Control Descriptions. updated Jan 2018

4B IOF Control Descriptions Australian Version updated 2018

 5 Safety Guidelines Updated Feb 2015

 5B Event Cancellation Hot Weather April 2015

 5C OSA Incident Report Form March 2015

 6 Course Planning with OCAD Aug 2015

 7 ForestrySA Event ApplicationsForm May 2016 

8 User Guide for SportIdent Equipment Nov 2016

9 OE2010 User Guide

10 OA Environment Code of Practice 2003

11 OSA Orienteers and Your Land  2003, updated March 2011

12 Event Directions and Signage Guidelines Oct 2010

13 ASC Junior and Newcomer Program Guidelines April 2013

14 Using Purple Pen For Course Planning 26th April 2018

  14A Download symbol.xml (updated 1st June 2018 to align Purple Pen with Australian Control Descriptions 2018. Save to Purple Pen directory & unzip there to replace original file: symbols.zip

15 Eventor Guide EventManagement OSA Version 23rd Dec 2016

15A For Administrators-Linking Event Fees to Membership in Eventor March 2016

16 Risk Statement Dec 2017

16A Risk statement for events Dec 2017

17 Event Information Template Example.docx April 2015



 Other Documents Relavent  to Event Organisation

2019 Certificate of Currency Cover SheetThis is adequate in most situations.

2019 Certificate of Currency Full VersionThis full version should only be used  where an owner or organisation has specifically asked to be listed. 

OA: Competition Rules for Foot Orienteering Events Feb 2016

OA: Competition Rules for MTBO Events updated Nov 2018

OSA Local Rules

SA-Victoria Challenge Rules Sept 2011

SA Night Championhips Club Challenge updated Oct 2016

SA Relay Championships  Dec 2016

6A Relay Championships Handicap Scorer Aug 2012 (Excel Spreadsheet)

Critical Incidents   Adopted June 2016

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