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The following documents & links are useful for event organisers, course setters, mappers and controllers.  For other related material refer also to

Course planners need to understand map legends and the related control descriptions - download from links below

Course Planning

Presentations from 2023 Course Planning Workshop

Session 1 - Essential of Course Planning, Components of the Course, Navigational Standards, Safety
Session 2 - Orienteering Course Foramts, Mistakes to avoid in course planning

Introductory video on planning Easy, Moderate and Hard courses. For more details (including planning Very Easy courses), see the Session 1 document above

[ from Course Planning Workshop 2014]

[Documents from Other Workshops and Articles]


[L2 Controllers Workshop 2015]

Environmental Impact of Orienteering:

  • Several articles based on an environmental survey associated with a major orienteering event in Namadgi NP, ACT are available here.


May 2019: OCAD announces that it no longer provides support for OCAD 12 & earlier. This includes the provision of the latest symbol sets. If you have OCAD you can unzip & copy the following current symbol sets into you symbol directory (a sub directory of OCAD). This included ISOM 2017.2 & the latest sprint template ISSproM2019

  • Oceania Mapping Workshop Presentation 2019. Prepared by Adrian Uppill (Member of the IOF Map Commission)
  • March 2021. The new branding logo (GAME ON) for ORSR should now be incorporated with the ORSR Logo on maps. The two logos should be arranged with the ORSR logo on the left as below. Links are provided below:

ORSR Logo as graphic

ORSR Logo as OCAD 2018 file

Game On as graphic file

Game On as OCAD 2018 file  

School Mapping

  • IOF Symbol Set for School Maps applies from Jan 2020
  • March 2021 Mapping Requirments for School Maps by Adrian Uppill
  • June 2021 All school orienteeriing maps are made with a standard map legend - dowload here by Adrian Uppill                                                                                        



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