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Updated 10th March 2019


  • Club Coaching Day - Sunday 17th March 2019, starting at 10am, Lucky Hit
    Directions: Lucky Hit Road runs W-E from the Williamstown to Birdwood Road. Turn East, leaving Martin Hill Road on your West. Keep going East till you see the O sign.
    Coaching activities: Coaching can occur in pairs, on your own, being a coach yourself or being coached. Choose a few of these:  A map walk, a contour-only course, practice in aiming off, putting rocks and detailed control descriptions together. Any more skills you’d like? Oh, yes. A very difficult one in pairs. John Lyon will explain that before you give it a try.
    We stop at 12noon for lunch. Please bring  something to share, and a chair, utensils,etc.
    PLEASE phone or email Jeffa to say you’re coming so we have enough maps.
  • Event Management Updated 27th Feb 2019
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Orienteering is a sport in which participants navigate to complete a course using a map and compass.

Tintookies is one of five clubs in metropolitan Adelaide associated with Orienteering SA, which in turn is affiliated with Orienteering Australia.

As a Club, Tintookies is responsible for organising a number of orienteering events in various formats during the year, as well as providing social and coaching opportunities.The Club has members of all ages and walks of life that have at least one pleasure in common. They like to get out with a map and compass to take up whatever challenge they seek. Some go orienteering to enjoy being with family and friends, some to compete with elite athletes in a sport that challenges both physical and mental prowess, some to enjoy fresh air and a bushland setting. Most participate for all three reasons.

For more information about our Club, see the History page. To keep up to date with our activities keep an eye on this website where we post newsletters, events and photos.

If you are interested in starting Orienteering or have any other questions, please contact: Fi Pahor  email1(08) 8232 0652


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