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1 October 2023

Yalanga makes it 8 from 10 in the Interclub Relays

Yalanga team wins Interclub Relays
This year’s Interclub Relays reverted to an urban setting after the challenging terrain of Para Wirra last year with the main challenge in this round being an unseasonably warm day.

Courses set by Ethan Penck made the most of the Waite Campus and Arboretum, splitting the courses fairly evenly between the complex forested park and the more technical campus buildings.

A lot of fun was had by all contestants, with a friendly atmosphere and delicious food provided by volunteers from the Southern Arrows.

As usual it’s quick wits as well as strong legs that win the day. Notably there were markedly fewer mispunches across the board than last year!

At the end of the day, one club had to take the Interclub Relay Trophy 2023 – and that club was Yalanga, for the 8th time in 10 years. This is due in great part to the participation points the club earns every year, with 56% of our members forming teams. The final standings were:

1st place - Yalanga Score 42.57
2nd place - Onkaparinga Hills Score 26.1
3d place - Wallaringa Score 23.44
4th place - Tintookies Score 21.13
5th place - Tjuringa Score 17.69


8 August 2023

Yalanga appoints new Club Secretary

Yalanga's long-serving and hard-working Secretary , Ruth Nicolson, has decided to have a break after many years of masterminding the Club's entry into the Interclub Relays and generally marshalling the troops to ensure our small team could effectively run events.

Our new Club Secretary, Nigel Dobson, has his work cut out, but comes with years of experience as president of Clubs & Societies at University of Adelaide.


 14 January 2023

Yalanga presents annual awards

Yalanga Awards 22Yalanga Orienteers met before Christmas, beside the lake at President Rob Tucker‘s rural estate, to present our
coveted annual awards. Despite the fact we relinquished our hold on the club relays trophy we had plenty to celebrate.

  • Ethan Penck won the Club Champion Award for excellence at home and overseas.
  • Doug McMurray took home the Relay Trophy for effort.
  • Patsy and Patrick Burley won the Al Simmonds award for Outstanding Service to Yalanga Orienteers.
  • Gerry Velaitis won the Just do it Award as a controller and tech support, even at short notice.
  • Nigel Dobson won the Mappers Award for extensive
    mapping work.
  • Peter Mayer won Performance of the Year Award.
  • Ian Weis won the Encouragement Award.
  • Remi Afnan won the Barbed Wire Jocks for continuing his event after being injured and bleeding badly.


Rob thanked Sandra and Ruhi Afnan for their huge contribution to the club and to orienteering in general over
many years, including fundraising for the Arrows.

Big congratulations to Steve Cooper for making the national ANZ challenge team in the M55s and for placing second national in the Non-Elite Rankings!

YA Nigel Rob Banner


14 December 2021

Yalanga presents inaugural Longest Leg Award

1_Nigel_Rob_Longest_Leg.jpgAfter a doubtful claim to constitutional immunity from receiving any trophy as Yalanga Club President, Rob Tucker was presented with a special commendation at the club’s end-of-year festivities. (Many thanks to Gerry and Pat Velaitis for their hospitality!)

Yalangans created a brand new award by certificate, The Longest Leg, for Rob’s outstanding performance at the Easter 3 Days Gumble Pinnacles. The course felled many fine orienteers, with over 50% DNFs in the m/f 21 Elite class alone.

Rob completed Leg 5-6 in an impressive 1hr 54mins 3 secs, running off the map, then went on to finish ahead of a dozen DNFs in his class. A shining example of the orienteering spirit!

In other Yalanga Club Awards presented by Rob:

  • Gemma Burley and Remi Afnan were named Club champions.Sandra Afnan
  • Sandra Afnan won Performance of the Year.
  • The greatest contribution to the Club Relays went to Mitchell Stephens and Jaque Stephens.
  • Ethan Penck won the Just Do It award.
  • The Encouragement Award went to Oliver Fenton.
  • Leila Henderson made a late bid to win the Barbed Wire Jocks for the third year in a row.
  • Steve Cooper won the Al (Alastair) Simmons Trophy for outstanding service to Yalanga




2021 Sue Millard Trophies go to young Yalangans!

5 December, 2021

Gemma Remi Evalin i 3qpLFx4 X2Yalanga orienteers were well represented at the Orienteering SA Awards and end-of-year celebrations at the Glenunga Hub.

The Sue Millard Trophies for the most improved junior orienteers (male and female) were both awarded to Yalangans: Gemma Burley and Remi Afnan. Congratulations!!

Yalanga also won 5 of the Orienteer of the Year categories:

M16A - Mitchell Stephens

M20A - Ethan Penck

M55A - Steve Cooper

W65A - Leila Henderson

and W55+AS - Ruth NicolsonSteve Cooper i BCNkh7N X3

Plus not forgetting the close 2nds: Nigel Dobson M55A, Gemma Burley W16A and Jacque
Stephens W21AS, and 3ds: Dante Afnan (M21A), Rob Tucker (M65A) and
Sandra Afnan (W45A).

Congratulations to all - looking forward to another great year of orienteering in 2022!

Make that 6 from 7 as Yalanga takes out the 2021 Club Relays

Yalanga Club Relay Winners 2021


Under a perfect sunny sky at Trinity College, Yalanga Orienteering brought home the Club Relays Trophy for the sixth time in seven years! 

While everyone who participated contributed to this outstanding result, we want to highlight the winners’ list – because we do have a cohort of fast and accurate orienteers (notwithstanding a few mispunches on this high pressure day!).

Some special achievements were:

1st places to 6 out of the 10 categories:

  • Ethan Penck and Dante Afnan in Men's Course 1 (the hardest course),
  • Remi Afnan and Ruhi Afnan in Men's Course 2,
  • Ana Penck and Lucy Burley in Women's Course 2,
  • Mitchell Stephens and Jacque Stephens in Mixed Course 2
  • Gemma Burley and Patsy Burley in Woman's Course 3
  • Sandra Afnan and Steve Sullivan in Mixed Course 3,
  • and 2nd place to Ian Weis and Doug Fotheringham in Men's Course 3.

Thank you!

Thank you also to Sandra Afnan and her helpers for running the yummy catering tent – much appreciated by all.

Thank you to all the clubs for your sportsmanship and challenging competition – we know you’ll be gunning for us next year!

And thank you so much to all Yalangans who made the effort to come out, have a run, and support our great club. Along with our high participation rate, no wonder we won!

Can we do it all again next year? …. Only time will tell.

22 August 2021

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