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Orienteering Resources for Teachers & Coaches:

Collated by Ken Thompson updated 25 Nov 2021  Thanks to ideas also contributed by Sport Australia (formally Australian Sports Commission), Adrian Uppill, Paul Hoopman, Chris Franklin, Kay Haarsma & Zita Sankauskas. Prices are a guide only and are subject to change.

Orienteering is also available for delivery though the Sporting Schools program - see this page.

The resources below are to support teachers providing orienteering separately from that program

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  • Orienteering: The Adventure Sport for Everyone A new short promotional Video filmed at the 2017 National Championhips in NSW
  • Two good inspirational videos to show students (particularly older students or adults) at the start of your programme:

Orienteering More than just running

Xperience Orienteering

 An Introduction to what orienteering is all about: 2012_Flinders_Uni_Presentation_min.pdf

Current List of Permanent Orienteering Courses: DIY Orienteering

Purple Pen: a free program for course planning and printing: http://purple-pen.org

Notes on use & installation of Purple Pen: Using Purple Pen For Course Planning

Contact Information:

  • All general inquiries regarding school support: email1
  • Technical support re use of Purple Pen: Ken Thompson.  email1

Orienteering Supplies:

Equipment can be ordered though Orienteering SA or direct from a supplier.

  • OSA School Equipment Kit - available if you have an Orienteering Sporting Schools Grant, and can also be ordered directly. It contains
    • 20 Corflute plates 130mm x 200mm numbered 31 - 50 
    • Start aCorflute Platend Finish Corflute Plate
    • 20 Punches to attach to the Corflute plates with cable ties
    • 10 A3 ZipLock bags and 10 A5 Ziplock bags to use for course maps and description sheets
    • Cost $330
    • Enquiries and orders to email1
  • Coreflute controls as described above can also be ordered separately, suitable for schoolyard use. If more then 20 are required, additional plates will be numbered from 51 onwards. order through the school support email as above. Quote provided and can inlcude postage if required.
  •  Punches  - from Peter Shepherd (NSW O shop) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Cost is $50 for a box of ten..
  • Permanent Markers Daytona Signs138 Morgan Ave Melrose Park 5039 Ph 8277 1303  (Mention Orienteering SA & they will know what you mean) 50 X Metal plates 9.5cm x 9.5cm  with orange triangle plus alphabet & number codes (suggest 3 sets of alpha & 2 sets of numbers) approx. cost $350 - ask for a quote

Enquiries about any of the above to School support email: email1

Free Supplies: 

Ideas & Info for School Orienteering:

Programme Suitable for Primary School Use: (as used in NSW After Hours Care Programme)








Recommended Books:

  • Orienteering Games: The Ultimate Teaching Resource’ Available from Orienteering Queenland Electronic version $22, Printed version $48.50  https://oq.asn.au/o-games-book
  •  There is also an excellent free resource, "Games Orienteers Play", which contains lesson plans for Prep to Yr 12. This is also available from Orienteering Queensland.
  •    Illustrated young readers book "Gang O Kids" by Hazel Edwards  $11.95     Available from: www.osoa.com.au
  • An excellent introductory guide to the sport of orienteering written by Carol McNeill.  $34.95 *       Web: www.osoa.com.au
  •    Elementary Orienteering Instructors Manual $16.95 plus postage. Available online from Orienteering Service of Australia (see above). A bit dated but contains some good ideas.

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