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Southern Arrows
Orienteering Squad
South Australia's Elite Orienteering Squad

South Australia is represented in the National Competition for elite orienteers by the Southern Arrows.  Details on the national competiton and current results can be found at - National League Competition 

Team Manager: Andrew Kennedy

Coach: John Nieuwenhoven

Senior Team:

Men - Simon Uppill,  Kerrin Rattray,  John Nieuwenhoven, Lachlan Hallet, Tyson Hillyard, Will Kennedy

Women - Susanne Casanova, Jenny Casanova, Olivia Sprod, Bridget Anderson, 

Junior Team:

Men - Angus Haines, Nicolas Congedi, Dante Afnan

Women - Sarah Lim, Meredith Norman, Alyce Heap

A number of impromptu appearances for the Arrows from past local members now located in all corners of the globe such as Vanessa Round adds to the depth of participation at various events. Some of the sub-juniors also run up to represent the Arrows at National League and ranking events.



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