Event Calendar


DayDateEventOrganising clubDiscipline
Monday21-May-18SA Schools Championships: The PaddocksYalanga OrienteersFoot orienteering
Wednesday23-May-18World Orienteering Day: Thorndon Park AthelstoneTintookies OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday26-May-18Goanna Park Northern TerritoryTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday27-May-18Introduction to Orienteering Part 1(Moderate Courses) Wadmore Park A Training EventOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday27-May-18Introduction to Orienteering (Very Easy Courses) Wadmore Park A Training EventOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday03-Jun-18Introduction to Orienteering Part 2(Moderate Courses) Kuitpo Forest A Training EventOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday03-Jun-18Training Day Kuitpo HQOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday03-Jun-18Corunna Gap WhyallaSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday03-Jun-18Mount Dutton Port LincolnLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday09-Jun-18Rawnsley Park Southern Arrows FundraiserSA ArrowsFoot orienteering
Sunday10-Jun-18Mannawara - OY3 - Long DistanceOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Monday11-Jun-18Mannawarra - OY4 - Middle DistanceWallaringa Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Sunday17-Jun-18North AdelaideTintookies OrienteersPark and street orienteering
Sunday24-Jun-18Howard Springs Pine ForrestTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Mountain bike orienteering
Sunday24-Jun-18MorialtaYalanga OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday24-Jun-18Louth Bay Eyre Peninsula Relay Champs Port LincolnLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday01-Jul-18Blackwood - Belair 3 Hour Score - Foot and MTBOOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering,
Mountain bike orienteering
Sunday08-Jul-18Belair National Park FootO and MTBOWallaringa Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering,
Mountain bike orienteering
Sunday08-Jul-18Log Hut Gully: Port LincolnLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Monday09-Jul-18OSA Junior Camp 9th-13th JulyOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Saturday21-Jul-18LitchfieldTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday22-Jul-18Katunga WhyallaSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday22-Jul-18PymtonTintookies OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday05-Aug-18Marne Rocks OYYalanga OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday05-Aug-18Broccoli Hill Port LincolnLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday12-Aug-18Casaurina Ridge Eyre Peninsula Champioships WhyallaSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday12-Aug-18Gurra Yarda Port LincolnLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday18-Aug-18SA Night Championships - TundarriOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Sunday19-Aug-18SA Long Championships: Badge & OY Mulga ValleyTintookies OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday25-Aug-18Holmes Jungle Night EventTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday25-Aug-18Mt Crawford GoldfieldsOrienteering SAMountain bike orienteering
Sunday26-Aug-18Wild Dog HillSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday26-Aug-18SA Interclub Relays Moon RocksSA ArrowsFoot orienteering
Friday31-Aug-18SA Schools Relay Championships Thorndon Park AthelstoneOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday02-Sep-18Waite CampusOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Sunday09-Sep-18Whyalla Hills - Wetlands WhyallaSaltbush OrienteersPark and street orienteering
Sunday09-Sep-18Kuitpo ForestTjuringa OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday09-Sep-18Kuitpo Forest MTBO 3 Hour ScoreTjuringa OrienteersMountain bike orienteering
Sunday16-Sep-18Freds PassTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday16-Sep-18Coffin Bay Port LincolnLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday22-Sep-18Whyalla East WhyallaSaltbush OrienteersPark and street orienteering
Friday28-Sep-18AOC2018 Clothing Orders Event 1AOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Saturday29-Sep-18AOC2018 Australian Middle Distance Championships NOL & WRE Event 1Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday30-Sep-18AOC2018 Individual Entry to Australian Relay Championships NOL Event 2Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday30-Sep-18AOC2018 Teams for Australian Relay Championships STATE SELECTORS ONLY Event 2Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Monday01-Oct-18AOC2018 Australian Sprint Distance Championships: NOL & WRE Event 3Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Tuesday02-Oct-18AOC2018 Australian Schools Sprint Championships STATE TEAM MANAGAERS ONLY Event 4Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Tuesday02-Oct-18AOC2018 Heaps Good TriAdelaide 3 Day Event 5Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Wednesday03-Oct-18AOC2018 Australian Schools Long Championships STATE TEAM MANAGAERS ONLY Event 6Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Thursday04-Oct-18AOC2018 Australian Schools Relay Championships STATE TEAM MANAGAERS ONLY Event 7Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Saturday06-Oct-18AOC2018 Australian Long Championships NOL & WRE Event 8Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday07-Oct-18AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday21-Oct-18Mt Crawford Forest: Rocky PaddockWallaringa Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering,
Mountain bike orienteering
Sunday28-Oct-18Carisbrook Park (Note: new event location)Tintookies OrienteersPark and street orienteering
Monday01-Apr-19Test Event SportSoftware Ind 5daysOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Monday01-Apr-19Test Event Relay Stephan Krämer SportSoftwareOrienteering SAFoot orienteering

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